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Khaos/Gravehammer Split


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Black Vinyl


Gravehammer was spawned on the raging shores of northern Germany anno 2015 to celebrate rough and archaic Death Metal. Fascinated by the roots of extreme Metal, rumbling and harsh outbursts are combined with obscure Doom parts, inspired by such early bands as Sadistic Intent, Hellhammer and Winter. All instruments were recorded in a live set up to deliver the necrohellish caveman sound you always seek after.


Beerdrinking and fistraising Old School Death Metal from the depths of South Germany. Guys known from many other bands: SACROSCUM, NEKROVAULT, VOLCANIC, ex-REVEL IN FLESH, and many many more. That´s the way in Bavarian Swabia…



Khaos – …Encircle Us…

A1. Moribund
A2. Hetzer
A3. Nanga Parbat – You Are Nothing
A4. Set Me Free

Gravehammer – Primordial Principles / Fundamental Forces

B1. White Void
B2. Where Fire Turns To Stone
B3. Solum Aeternum
B4. The I Of The Storm


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