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Super Satan – Celestial


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Celestial is Super Satan’s 2nd full length album, after Menetekel. 2 years in the making, they worked with producer Nikita Kamprad once more to deliver their newest creation. They haven’t been shy in trying out new sounds with him, including clean vocals and various synthesizers.
Once again Sebastian Unić delivered a devastating drum performance, and for the first time Kevin Nocullak ripped up his throat to deliver the grind it needed. Fiona Miksch slayed clean vocals and gave the album its „celestial“ feel. And finally they have Matthias Knauer on low end, who grinded through and accompanied the complex drum patterns with ease.
The artwork was created by Roman Hilser, go check out his work and order a painting.
Conceptually, the album is about self transformation, from your deepest abyss to the highest heights.


A1. The Guardian
A2. The Forest Has Eyes
A3. Oracle Of Sand
A4. Manta Rays
A5. Celestial

B1. The Crown
B2. Procession
B3. Darkest Night
B4. The Elder
B5. Cosmo


Grey Marbled, Red Marbled


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