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Lethal Shöck – Evil Aggressor


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Black Vinyl (Witches Brew Records)

Chicago trio Lethal Shöck drinks from the purest well of Heavy Metal glory and pisses out their own brand – Atomik Metal. A bastardization of D-beat, Speed and Heavy Metal with majestic guitar solos, they definitely don’t re-invent the wheel, they just cover it with spikes, light it on fire, and hurl it down a mountain towards a church picnic while slamming Coors banquet beer and hailing the goat. Solidified, electrified, and drunkified, Lethal Shöck is the vomit coated boot on the back of every poseur’s skull. Prepare yourself for the atomik age of Metal!!! Released 22 July 2016.


A1. Sulfur Heart
A2. Atomik Obedience
A3. Up The Voltage
A4. Endless Midnight
A5. I Am Your Hero

B1. Fear (the Devil’s Child)
B2. Iron Fisted Assault
B3. I Rock (in Hell!)
B4. Evil Aggressor
B5. Mean Machine (Bonus)


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