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Bastard Royalty – Jonestown EP



Bastard Royalty
LP | „Jonestown“
2023 | Civilisation Records
Colour: Black
Bastard Royalty are a Crust, D-Beat No-Star band from Stuttgart, Southern Germany with members of Accion Mutante, Warsaw and Cluster Bomb Unit. They play very raw and agressive Old School Crust, Punk in the vein of Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and certainly the D-Beat of Discharge. After their full „S/T“ EP and the split EP with Social Chaos from Brasil, Bastard Royalty finally unleash their first full length called „Jonestown“: in march 2022 the band members entered the Dersoundmann studio in Stuttgart to record (and mix) sixteen brutal Crust Punk tunes in the style they are known for (there are rumours that a little bit alcohol was involved in the recording process to optimize the result). PLEASE be prepared for an intense D-Beat, Crust Punk attack !!!

A1. Jonestown
A2. One Flag
A3. Asoziale Medien
A4. Jana
A5. The Orange
A6. Thoughts & Prayers
A7. I Take Part
A8. Mother Of All Bombs

B1. I Shot The Sheriff
B2. Haters Gonna Hate
B3. Subkultur
B4. Child Bomb
B5. Oi! Still Sucks
B6. Hart Sein, Schweigen, Hassen
B7. Fucked By Nature


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