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Nefastt – La Malignité Des Astres


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Asgard Hass Release.

After their demo in 2008, Nefastt delivers us their first album, with in its ranks a ex-member of Animus Herilis. The Burgundian horde offers us an album without compromise, the compositions alternate between epic, violent and melancholics riffs led by a drummer oscillating between brutality and mid-tempo, leaving all hovered an atmosphere of melancholy, destruction and Death.

La Malgnité des astres gives us 38 minutes of pure Black Metal in the vein of German’s Black Metal bands. Like bands as Darvulia, Quintessence, or even animus Herilis and Peste Noire, the lyrics are declaimed in the language of them ancestors.

Immerse yourself in the maze of the Nefastt’s music and be allowed guide by the malignancy of the stars.

With in bonus on face B the demo of 2008.


A1. Introduction
A2. Tauriacus
A3. Créance de sang
A4. La destruction
A5. Paysage dévasté
A6. Transcendance
A7. Finis Lucis

B1. Le Silence De Mort
B2. Black Metal Inner Flame
B3. Paysage Dévasté
B4. Totale Décadence


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