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Tyrant’s Kall – Dagon


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Black Vinyl (Witches Brew Records)

Witches Brew brewed up the LP version of Tyrant’s Kall’s 2012 self released CD with a never before released bonus track and vinyl specifix mix! Their music, inspired by Lovecraft, cannot be categorized in any traditional metallic subdivision. With obvious influences of Doom and old school Swedish Death Metal in the vein of Dismember and old Entombed, one can also hear some Thrash Metal and even 70’s Rock is not shunned. It is precisely this mixture of styles and influences that renders Tyrant’s Kall their uniqueness along with the fantastic 3 pronged vocal approach by Esmee Tabasco. Hear the Tyrant’s Kall!


A1. The Call Of The Tyrant
A2. Slimy Existence
A3. Ia Cthulhu
A4. Mankind’s Damnation

B1. Shrieks
B2. Dagon
B3. The Swamps
B4. The Whisperer


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