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Pugnale – Purified In Emptiness


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Violence In The Veins Release

„The new violent and gloomy album by the misanthropic blackened grindcore band Pugnale. Feat. Nathan „Opposition“ Jochum (Ancient VVisdom).
Everything returns to nothing.
FFO: Full Of Hell, Nails, Rotten Sound, Darkthrone”

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studio, with artwork created by Rickey Laveau.

Pugnale are:
C: vocals, noise
R: guitars
Z: drums



A1. Cult Of Silence
A2. Hanged In Chains
A3. Wretched Deprivation
A4. Betrayal Of Flesh
A5. Love Is The Law
A6. Forbidden Fruits Of Deathlessness

B1. Becoming Annihilation
B2. Exhumed Tortured Rests
B3. Novena VI
B4. Burial Wounds
B5. Unto The Black Flame


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