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Running Death – Overdrive



It’s the year 2015, the year Running Death released their shining debut album „Overdrive“. Inspired to a huge extend by their experience on the road, playing highly explosive and headcrushing shows wherever they can, „Overdrive“ is one of the most original, interesting and rewarding releases of it’s own demonstratively sophisticated Thrash genre, that has reached our ears for a long time. This is due a lot to the extraordinary vocals by axeman Simon, whose voice couldn’t be less conformant. While others constantly scream with all they got, the Running Death frontman prefers giving in fully to his own individuality.

In an ever so solid and exciting team with co-six-stringer Julian the guitars keep screaming high intensity riffs to your ears, even when the songs dive into some of the more progressive areas. Drummer Jakob as well is no small deal, besides keeping it professional all the time he is giving those surprising accents that listeners desiring for precision and complex rhythms enjoy so much. And especially if you’re a fan of Megadeth or the good old Intruder you should find just what you’re looking for in this masterful bavarian band.

Their elaborate mix of old school Metal, timeless art and finest melodies together with a huge portion of idealism gives the quickly moving band a huge space to work and develop in. If you first are put off by their individuality, this will soon be what brings you back to their music over and over again.

Last but not least, all of the above also applies to the artistically as well as meaningful front cover artwork of „Overdrive“, which helps Running Death set apart from the broad masses a lot.

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A1. It Begins
A2. Hell on Earth
A3. Psycho?
A4. Close Minded
A5. Raging Nightmare

B1. Deludium
B2. Mercenary
B3. Pray for Death
B4. Overdrive
B5. I See a Fire


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