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Running Death Bundle


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Release Date 1.7.2022

The exclusive Running Death Bundle combines the new “Unleashed from the Tomb” collection with an autographed screen printed inlay card – that is only available in this bundle – plus some of the band’s previous works. Join Zann’s Records in a celebration of underground Thrash Metal with Bavaria’s Running Death!

The bundle contains:

– „Unleashed from the Tomb“ – the new double vinyl collection

– Exclusive autographed inlay card, screen printed by Chris Remains

– Bonus DVD with yet unreleased footage

– „Overdrive“ – the band’s debut album on vinyl

– T-shirt of your choice

The Artwork was designed by the amazing Tom “Bloodlvst” Kruijer.
This bundle is limited to 90 hand-numbered copies, when it’s gone it’s gone forever.

Listen here:



Raging Nightmare

A1. Pray for Death
A2. Raging Nightmare
A3. Armageddon

B1. I Will Smile if you Die
B2. Stay Alone
B3. Poltergeist (Demo)
B4. Running Death (Demo)
B5. Punished with Death (Demo)

Call of Extinction

C2. Killing for Gods
C3. Call of Extinction
C4. Celebrate your Aggression

D1. Hunting for Heads
D2. Remote Controlled (Overdrive Bonus)
D3. Reduced (Overdrive Bonus)


A1. It Begins
A2. Hell On Earth
A3. Psycho?
A4. Close Minded
A5. Raging Nightmare

B1. Deludium
B2. Mercenary
B3. Pray For Death
B4. Overdrive
B5. I See A Fire

Zann’s Records is trying to produce as sustainably as possible, so all vinyl is ordered as “Eco-Mix”. This means, that the pressing plant is using random vinyl granule-leftovers from previous productions (except black) to produce the records, so even we don’t know the actual color(s) until they arrive. If you have a problem with this, you can wait with your (pre)orders until the color will be made public. In addition to this, all covers and inlays are produced with recycled paper.

T-Shirt Farbe

Logo schwarz, Logo grün, Dressage, Weiß

T-Shirt Größe

S, M, L, XL, XXL, Tanktop M, Tanktop L, Lady M, Lady L, Lady XL


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