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Sacri Suoni – Sacred Is Not Divine


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Release Date 14.07.2023

Galactic Void Edition (Zann’s Records exclusive) limited and numbered to 96. *

Rest in Doom Edition limited and numbered to 131. *

From the ashes of the stoner/sludge project known as Stoned Monkey, Sacri Suoni arises. The bands sound revolves around the concept of „No words, only tons and tons of watt“, through sonic scapes characterized by obscure, hypnotic and thoughtful notes.

To fully understand the music of Sacri Suoni, one must immerse oneself in their world of sensation and sound perceptions. Each of us perceives music differently, but this band wants to evoke powerful and evocative sensations that travel freely through the imagination of the listener. Their instrumental approach is intentionally devoid of words, as the emotion of the sound is able to speak fo itself. The music of Sacri Suoni is a mystical experience that embraces listeners with dark, psychedelic, and hypnotic sounds enriched by a melancholy that permeates every note. Their music is a reflection of their way of life and their approach to life, an authentic expression of their being. It’s not easy to give a logical meaning to the songs on the album, But that’s the beauty of it: everyone can interpret and create their own map of meanings. The music of Sacri Suoni is a fluctuating journey that crosses moments of sonic ecstasy and moments of introspection. The tracks oscillate between ferocious distortions and moments of pire regeneration, creating a hypnotic and enveloping effect. This album represents a turning point in the band’s career, as they changed their name from Stoned Monkey to Sacri Suoni. This change in formation has led to a new expressive dimension and a deep reflection on the sacredness of sound.

Recorded at Nitön Labs and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this monumental piece of Cosmic Doom brings you 4 tracks of meditational frequencies, housed in a Gatefold designed by ZZ Corpse and on randomly colored vinyl.

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A1. Doom Perspection of the Astral Frequency (0-1)
A2. Six Scalps for Six Sounds

B1. Cult of Abysmus
B2. Plutomb, Engraved in Reality


* Zann’s Records is trying to produce as sustainably as possible, so all vinyl is ordered as „Re-Vinyl“. This means, that the pressing plant is using random vinyl granule-leftovers from previous productions (except black) to produce the records, so even we don’t know the actual color(s) until they arrive. If you’re not willing to take a chance, you can wait with your (pre)orders until the color will be made public. There is no guarantee, that your vinyl will have a definite colour. If there is more than one version, colours might merge.


Galactic Void Edition, Rest in Doom Edition


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