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Zolfo – Descending Into Inexorable Absence



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zolfo /’tsolfo/ or /’dzolfo/ [lat. sŭlphur or sŭlfur] – A pale yellow chemical element that exists in various physical forms. It burns with a blue flame and strong smell, often accompanied by a green toxic light and claustrophobic, heavy, and distorted music, that evokes an intense and suggestive sensory experience, characterized by oppressive, dissonant, and enveloping sounds that transport the listener into a dark and unsettling sonic world.
The italian doom/sludge-mongers Zolfo are set to release their second full-length album “Descending into Inexorbale Absence”.
Six new tracks of massive doom/sludge madness merged into blackened and post-metal contaminations that will take the listener in a 58-minutes conceptual journey inside the wandering cycle of human and sunlight conditions, never quite finding the feeling of being at home somewhere, forever fleeing from the pursuit of darkness.
A1. Last Layers
A2. Lament of the Light
B1. No Home for an Eternal Wayfarer
C1. Admire the Mire
C2. Apoptosis
D1. Silence of the Absolute Absence


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