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Lust – Invictvs


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Etched red and Black Marbled 12″ Vinyl

Violence In The Veins Release

These are nine cuts that, from the title of the album, vindicate the spirit of self-improvement, strength and fight, values that they defend and believe in. This assault is packed with the toughest, most rebellious hardcore, though they don’t shy away from dark blastbeats or smashing parts either.

Founded in 2019 by well-known members of the Madrid underground scene such as Carlos Gustavo (Deymos), Alejandro Pardo (Cyanide), Andrés Carrasco (The Marriage), Luis Miguel Cuervas (Moderm Man Desease) and Sergio Arguijo (Dellamorte Dellamore), this project is It feeds „with principles such as the anti-fascist fight, denouncing racism and not supporting any type of discrimination against any vulnerable group.“ In addition, Lust also supports the defense of animal rights, as well as solidarity towards those in need, „and always working together as a brotherhood.“



A1. Revelation

A2. Traitors

A3. Fenix

A4. Live To See

A5. Inquisidor

A6. Isolation

A7. Éxodo

A8. 2K21

A9. Palabras Vacias


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