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Akedia – Schlafes Bruder



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Release Date 17.4.2022

  1. Sludge Rainbow Edition (you get a randomly colored vinyl in a beautiful range mostly including grey, green and brown)*


„Schlafes Bruder“ is the debut release of Innsbruck duo AkediA, self-released in 2019. They call their sound „Black’n’stoned Doom Metal“.In collaboration with Zann’s records there is finally going to be a vinyl release.On the album you will find ten riff-oriented songs with a brute groove, sometimes sluggish, sometimes with an impulsive beat, garnished with socially critical and misanthropic lyrics.The perfect soundtrack for the last days of humanity – No Future, Baby

Listen here:



A1. Akedia
A2. Fathers Little Helper
A3. Opinionem
A4. Motahead
A5. Martin

B1. Sic Fiat
B2. Kanzler
B3. Selbstmord
B4. Arschkonstrukt
B5. Schnee


* Zann’s Records is trying to produce as sustainably as possible, so all vinyl is ordered as „Eco-Mix“. This means, that the pressing plant is using random vinyl granule-leftovers from previous productions (except black) to produce the records, so even we don’t know the actual color(s) until they arrive. If you’re not willing to take a chance, you can wait with your (pre)orders until the color will be made public. In addition to this, all covers and inlays are produced with recycled paper.


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