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Gallowhead – s/t



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  1. Release date 17.6.2022

Rusty Bones Edition *


Born in the very west of Austria, where the world is nothing more but a cracked façade of a Shire-like and sheltered existence – Gallowhead and their music try to peak through the cracks and shine a light on the other side of the same dirty coin.

Growling bass tones reverberate angrily and snug tightly around groovy drum rhythms which creates a rigid surface, only to be cut through by a pair of distorted guitars on the brink of complete failure. The songs get accompanied by the occasional dreamy melody only to be sucked back into the swamp of nothingness by shouts and growls of unforgiveness.

The lyrics, just like the music, revolve around the irony of life, bodily fluids, pain and its acceptance and more bodily fluids. Or not.You are the sole judge, but your ears will rumble.

Some Random 35 or 40 Pieces will include a Patch by Tiana Spiller ( https://www.instagram.com/tiana_spiller/ )

Listen here:




A1. Voices from a Distance
A2. Under the Heel

B1. Salt and Grief
B2. All Memories Failed
B3. Drop by Drop


* Zann’s Records is trying to produce as sustainably as possible, so all vinyl is ordered as „Eco-Mix“. This means, that the pressing plant is using random vinyl granule-leftovers from previous productions (except black) to produce the records, so even we don’t know the actual color(s) until they arrive. If you have a problem with this, you can wait with your (pre)orders until the color will be made public. In addition to this, all covers and inlays are produced with recycled paper.


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