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Wojtek – Petricore


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Violence In The Veins Release

A particular olfactory sensation that can be perceived when rain falls on soil that has been dry for some time. Petricore is the name of the odour one smells during and after rain that interrupts a dry period.
Following this thread, the album is a mirror image of who Wojtek are today, the result of the trenches that life has dug in the path of the five current members.
For ‘Petricore’, we aimed for a more precise production compared to the past, expanding our atmospheres into new territories that today are flowing much more naturally through our hands. These are six portraits of the same bear, different in speed, intentions or sub-genres.
It is a record that must be listened to from head to toe in order to enjoy it fully: perhaps a record for no one, or rather a record for all those who, now and always, insist on seeking out what high-octane music can provide.

Wojtek are:
Simone Carraro,
Francesco Forin,
Mattia Zambon,
Morgan Zambon,
Riccardo Zulato.

Recorded by Lorenzo Stecconi
[January ’23 – Bahnhof, Montagnana/Padova]

Mattia Zambon vocal rec. session done with GG Rock
[February ’23 – RocketBooster Studio, Padova]

Produce, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi
[March ’23 – Triple Sun, Roma]

Drawn by Riccardo Zulato.



A1. Hourglass
A2. Dying Breed
A3. Now That You’re Gone

B1. Giorni Persi
B2. Inertia Reigns
B3. Hail The Machine


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